Saturday, February 2, 2013

...Wait, I thought that you said "Grand Condo"!

I have foolishly signed myself up for the GranFondo Whistler.  It is remarkable the things that a grown man will agree to after having a few beers.  

For those of you who do not know what the GranFondo is: 
It is an organized bike ride from downtown Vancouver to Whistler.  It is 122km, pretty much uphill the whole way.

"Why is it foolish?" You ask?  That is a great question.  You see, not only do I not cycle regularly, but I literally paid $5 for my bike at a yard sale, and it is currently rusting away in the garage.  In fact I don't do any extracurricular sports regularly.  The point is, this endeavor is way over my head, and I am ill-prepared.

Needless to say I need to train and I will require all the help that I can get.  I am going to use this opportunity to buy some fitness related gadgets.  Over the next few weeks/months I'll post some reviews of what I find.

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